China To Offer $1 Million In Emergency Aid To Palestine

BEIJING (AFP)--China said on Tuesday it would donate $1 million in emergency humanitarian assistance to Palestine, as Israeli warplanes pounded Gaza for a fourth day.

"China has decided to provide $1 million in cash in emergency humanitarian aid to the Palestinian National Authority, for Palestine to buy urgently needed material," foreign ministry spokesman Qin Gang said in an online statement.

Qin said China once again called for an immediate end to the armed conflict, and for measures to be taken to alleviate the current humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

The news came as Israel bombed Gaza for a fourth day on Tuesday, and vowed to wipe out Hamas, which controls the territory.

A medical official in Gaza said at least 360 Palestinians, including more than 50 civilians, had been killed in the raids.

Since Saturday, militants from Gaza have fired more than 250 rockets and mortar rounds into Israel, killing four people and wounding two dozen more.