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The Silent Genocide from America
Mohammed Daud Miraki, MA, MA, PhD .When Bush jr. said, "we will smoke them out…" he lived up to his promise, making life an unattainable reality for the unborn and unsustainable reality for the living sentencing the Afghan people and their future generations to a predetermined death sentence.

"After the Americans destroyed our village and killed many of us, we also lost our houses and have nothing to eat. However, we would have endured these miseries and even accepted them, if the Americans had not sentenced us all to death. When I saw my deformed grandson, I realized that my hopes of the future have vanished for good, different from the hopelessness of the Russian barbarism, even though at that time I lost my older son Shafiqullah. This time, however, I know we are part of the invisible genocide brought on us by America, a silence death from which I know we will not escape." (Jooma Khan of Laghman province, March 2003)

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American futile Efforts in the Mirror of the Afghan History
- .Prior to February 1989, when the Red Army pulled out of Afghanistan, the Soviet leaders started gradually drawing down their forces in the far-flung provinces of Afghanistan . Consequently, Dr. Najib’s government evacuated Khust and Kumar provinces completely, posing it as an initiative to defend places of people’s concentration. Meanwhile, Najib’s spy agency the Ministry of State Intelligence ( WAD in Persian) , braggingly announced that they had created disunity among the Mujahideen. They said that they were in contacts with the Mujahideen commanders and as per their strategy, had struck some surreptitious deals with them. Thus, they were trying to hide their failures and paint their efforts as achievements and as a new strategy.

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15 dead, 50 wounded in Mujahideen's face-to-face and martyr attacks in Kandahar
By Qari Yousuf Ahmadi .KANDAHAR, Apr. 27 - A group of three martyr attackers of Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, in a two-hour long attack on the Humayun Supreme center, a largest contract company safeguarding, exporting and supplying logistics for the U.S-NATO troops in Kandahar province, situated at a distance about one and a half kilometer away from Kandahar airbase, killed about 15 special guards of the company as well as wounding some 50 more on early Tuesday night (April 27).