Zionist plan in Iraq to achieve "Greater Israel"

American journalist revealed in a report published recently, what he called the scheme of the Israeli entity expansionist settlement in Iraq, he stressed that "Israel" aspires to control parts of Iraq to achieve the dream of its alleged "Greater Israel".

Report published by the press, "Wayne Madsen," contains information not published in the past about the planned transfer of Kurdish Jews from the Israeli entity to the city of Mosul and Nineveh province in northern Iraq under the guise of visiting missions, religious and ancient Jewish shrines.

The report also pointed out that the Kurdish Jews have begun since the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003, to purchase land in the area which they consider a historic Jewish property.
The writer reviewed the causes of "the special attention given by the" Israeli ", for the tombs (Nahum and Jonah, Daniel, as well as the Ezekiel and Ezra), and others," explaining that the Israeli entity, all seen as part of "Israel."

The report confirms that the Israeli intelligence teams "Mossad" was launched with groups of mercenaries, and in coordination with the Kurdish militias, attacks on Iraqi Chaldean Christians in Mosul, Irbil and Hamdania Tel Bishop Qaraqosh and Akre .... And others, and stuck them to the "Al Qaeda"; in order to displace them by force, and emptying the region, which is planning "Israel" to capture it, of its indigenous population of Christians and claim them as a "biblical Jewish land!"

He says American journalist, "Wayne Madsen," The Israeli plan aims to resettle Kurdish Jews replaced the Chaldeans and Assyrians.

The author accuses the U.S. administration under the auspices of this scheme which is based on the implementation of officers of the Israeli Mossad, "Israel" with the knowledge and blessing of political leaders in the two major Kurdish parties.

American journalist and concludes that "This operation represents a return to the process of uprooting the Palestinians from Palestine the British Mandate period after World War II and the establishment of the Zionists their place," he said.

The study was supported by Iraq the names and numbers and addresses, had revealed the information described Palmzhlp for penetration, "the Israeli octopus" in occupied Iraq for nearly six years.

He said a detailed report prepared by the "Dar Al-Babel," Iraqi Research, said that the penetration of "Israel" in this country long aspects of political, trade and security, which is supported directly from the men, officials said.