China reaffirms its reservation to part of "no-fly zone" resolution on Libya
18.03.2011 10:25 China on Friday said it had serious reservations with part of the latest U.N. resolution on Libya, Xinhua reported.

"We oppose the use of force in international relations and have some serious reservations with part of the resolution," Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said in a statement on Friday.

Jiang's comments came after the United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution which authorized a no-fly zone over Libya Thursday.

The resolution also called for "all necessary measures," excluding ground troops, to "protect civilians and civilian populated areas under threat of attack" in Libya, "including Benghazi," a key eastern city currently held by the rebels.

"Considering the concern and stance of Arab countries and the Africa Union as well as the special situation in Libya, China and some countries abstained from voting on the draft resolution," Jiang said.

Apart from China, Russia, a permanent Council member with veto power, and Brazil, Germany and India, the three non-permanent Council members, also abstained from voting on the draft resolution.

"We support the commitment of the UN Secretary General's special envoy for Libya, the Africa Union and Arab League to deal with the current crisis in Libya in a peaceful way," Jiang said.

China has always maintained that actions of the UN Security Council should follow the objective and principle of the UN Charter and international laws, respect Libya's sovereignty, independence, unification and territorial integrity, Jiang said.

"The current crisis in Libya should be resolved through dialogue and by other peaceful means," Jiang said.

"We expect Libya to restore stability at an early date and avoid an escalation of armed conflicts and worsening humanitarian crisis," Jiang said.