Wasn’t it Rebels dressing up like Native American Indians throwing English Tea into the Boston Harbor that tells all of us just what kind of nation the US of False Flags was to become? Our very founding was based on deceit and we are taught so from First Grade. How we can read history and current events and ignore the obvious is pretty amazing. Burr shoots Hamilton in a duel and what do history books tell us as for the reason? History states they can’t figure it out. THE OBVIOUS STATES; Burr owned the New York State Manhattan Bank and Hamilton was a huge supporter of the First National Bank, now I’d think that would be reason enough.

History states that the War of 1812 was fought because England was taking English sailors off of US ships. THE OBVIOUS STATES; the Charter of the First US National Bank expired and wasn’t going to get renewed. The English came into Washington D.C. burned down the Treasury and took the First National Bank records and the War was over. Note that after we shut down the US First National Bank we have the longest period of peace in our Nation’s history. Surprised? I didn’t think so.

History states the War Between the States was caused due to slavery. THE OBVIOUS STATES; the war was caused because the South, much like California does today, was paying for about 85% of the Federal Budget. In other words the South got tired of supporting the New York Banksters who made the cost of living too high in the North. The War Between the States brings us the US Banking Act and three people from this time period get their portraits on US Currency, Lincoln, Grant and Chase who is the US Treasurer at the time.

History states the Spanish American War was fought because Spain who had already agreed to leave Cuba blew-up the USS Maine in the Havana Harbor. THE OBVIOUS STATES; the explosion was internal. The War turns the US into an Empire with holdings across the globe.

We enter WWI because those nasty Germans torpedo a completely innocent Lusitania. THE OBVIOUS PROVES; Upon looking a photos of the sunken ship she was indeed transporting munitions. Even today the British use the Lusitania as target practice to try to get rid of the evidence. WWI brings us the Federal Reserve and President Wilson not surprisingly finds his portrait on the largest d0llar denomination ever issued, the $100,000 Bill.

World War II starts because those no good Jap’s bomb a bunch of World War I relic battleships that wouldn’t have lasted twenty minutes against the Imperial Fleet. THE OBVIOUS STATES; the aircraft carriers were not in the harbor. Why you say? Because we had broken the Japanese communications code some time before that and knew they were coming. World War II brings us the Bretton Woods agreement and the US holding the world’s Reserve Currency.

Vietnam escalates due to the North Vietnamese firing on US destroyers in the Gulf of Tonkin. THE OBVIOUS STATES; North Vietnam had no navy and the US ships were shooting at each other in the fog. Military spending goes through the roof, US delinks from Gold in 1971 and the Petrol, Narco, Usury D0llar is created shortly after.

September 11th, 2001 brings us 19 Saudi’s controlled by a guy in a cave in Afghanistan who take three planes and with no flight experience knock down three skyscrapers (One without even hitting) and damage the world’s most heavily defended building in the world the US Pentagon. We know it was Saudi’s who did this because we find one of their passports among the wreckage. We immediately bomb Afghanistan and invade Iraq, who I’m not sure had anything to do with Nine Eleven. Poppy production goes up over 400% in Afghanistan and Iraqi crude changes back to being priced in D0llars instead of the Euros Saddam was charging. THE OBVIOUS STATES; I think I need everyone’s help here.

What was your Nine Eleven Moment?

Please do take a moment to remember those who have fallen due to this evil deed. Peace