Syrian southern front is waiting for zero hour

It is not usually the Syrian leadership to reveal its cards, and who knows the Syrian policy is well aware that behind every leak and meaningful message. According to circles close to the Syrian regime that circumstances sometimes require the diversion of some of the information, and the circumstances of the current crisis may request this as well, and this is not a matter reassure enthusiasts and hostile but out of the attention of these people and others to what might be construed as things, at these leaks may help some undecided in the resolution of their choices.

And leaks today revolve around the scenario of the coming war against "Israel," The sources are among the close to the Syrian leadership, confirmed that during the last period the bus equipment and training Alasraúalh did not stop Syria idle, but was and is still working on the accumulation of experiences and to keep up with developments in the field missile and military, and also in the methods of fighting multiple, especially after the war in July 2006 that showed her new school of warfare Mujahideen of the Islamic resistance in Lebanon.

The sources said that the capacity of the Israeli army and his training were not obvious to the Syrian army, who worked on the preparation of a scenario that simulates the existing possibilities simulates the capabilities of the Zionist army, serving ignite the northern front of occupied Palestine extended from the area of ​​Naqoura, which lies on the coast Genoese of Lebanon and even the slopes of the Golan Heights in the east, which is in length about 16 km.

And reveals the details of the scenario that the transfer site Jouhina News that the next theater of operations will be divided on the Lebanese and Syrian fronts, and explains:

- On the Lebanese front: defense tactic will be used hard, with defensive maneuvers in order to drain the Israeli progress in proportion to the geographic region.

- On the Syrian front: will be used to defend mobile depending on the geography of the occupied Syrian flat, taking into account the superiority of the Israeli air, waiting for any progress ground for armored Israeli be shown in front of antitank missiles, to be repeated then the scenes of what happened to the Merkava in the battle of Al Hajir and easy to tents in the 2006 war.

Scenario was not lost on the role of the Syrian air defenses that will provide an umbrella of air to the Court's anti-tank groups, considering that these battles will extend over an area of ​​more than 60 square kilometers, according to estimates of Syria.

More than 600 rockets per day at the depth of Israel

The details that the military leadership will be able to launch more than 60 ballistic missiles a day against the home front in the depth of the Israeli entity if the targeting of infrastructure in Syria.

As for tactical missiles has a Syria the capability to launch more than 600 rockets a day, against specific targets inside "Israel."
In response versus sources indicate that the leadership of Syrian military "will not hesitate to use the missile non-traditional in the event of taking the crazy minds of Israeli leaders and used the missile non-traditional ".

And explains that the Israeli coast on the extension will be under the range of Syrian missiles in the event of war against Lebanon and Syria.

Arena is ready for war

Commenting on the assumed scenario excludes Brigadier General Mahmoud Mattar for any military action against Syria, saying that Kerkat wars and the threat of a military strike against Syria as a "scenarios is waged by the logic ... especially that the current international situation does not allow open fronts of war."

In an interview for Al-Manar, the Lebanese military expert that what was transmitted from the scenarios to the effect that "the Syrian leadership is preparing for all possibilities, and to respond to any aggression from any quarter came."

And adds that the regional arena today is ready for a major war, because "the international situation does not allow it .. the operation is a military Mtojbadtha, Americans today are busy and Alerobion Bozmathm the Interior, not to mention the Russian-Chinese veto in the Security Council Sijaham."

It is believed that the retired Brigadier General political and economic pressures continuing and will increase, considering that he can not make a decision on a war because "one can not count .. and because the cost of the war option should be well thought out, especially in terms of yield."

Required to drag Iran to the negotiating table

He continues, Americans have taken a decision to change the Syrian regime, but the resolution is not applicable in a military sense, because they are well aware that in any war against Syria will not be Hezbollah and Iran on the fence.

"They know that the decision of war is the process of suicide for all .. and that the loss will be covered by everyone," says Matar.

He continues: "What you want America today is the pressure on Iran .. they know very well that topple the Syrian regime means cutting off the pipeline that stretches from Iran into Hezbollah via Syria, and that what they seek to achieve by changing the system, excluded any military solution to a classic."

The Lebanese military expert explains that the crisis in Syria linked to the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, saying that the U.S. wants to come out of Iraq with the least possible losses, and abuse of the Syrian crisis comes from the door of the pressure on Iran for their negotiations.

He says, "the U.S. wants to come out of Iraq with some dignity, in particular, and that in the occupation of Iraq did not succeed to break up this country to 3 entities: Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish, with failure in everything except the issue of fragmentation, is putting pressure on Iran to drag him to the negotiating table, Iran refuses to return any negotiations before the complete withdrawal. "

And read Brigadier Matar moved USS "George Bush" towards the Syrian coast American message to the Russians and others that the Americans and others to them and their military presence also in the region - a reference to the Russian military base in the city of Tartous, _, and taking this step in the category of military balances in the region.

Source: Al-Manar

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