The newspaper news (reporter Qu Jiancheng) yesterday, China division of Professor Peng Xiaohui in a statement on the micro-blog, due to excessive fear of repercussions, listen more, for security reasons, decided to cancel the former Japanese Converse Online actress Hotaru Akanei into the classroom and student exchange program.
Video: Central China Normal University Teachers to take the former Japanese AV actress into the classroom source: Southern Television "first-line" today 25 days, the news release, confirmed Peng Xiaohui to ask Japanese actress, now AIDS ambassador to China Hotaru Akanei teachers and students exchanges, by each big website is reprinted in succession.
Yesterday, in a statement, Peng Xiaohui said, after reports, by college students and social heat, school and college students and even social people have said to tour to listen.Peng Xiaohui says, since it is not possible to discourage and refused to let anyone into the classroom, the scene is very crowded and surrounds the phenomenon may occur, "it is difficult to ensure the safety of classroom order and listeners".
Peng Xiaohui expressed regret, but to give up the plan for AIDS prevention.At the same time, he also said, sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.To share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog